Ransom November

My semiannual three-month obsession ended this week when Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough one the 11th season of Dancing with the Stars. Last week, there was a huge controversy when Brandy got voted off instead of Bristol Palin. And sure, Brandy was a much better dancer than Bristol, but aside from the audience probably relating to Bristol better than to the professional performers, I have a theory why Brandy got voted off. Because last week, we saw Brandy in the confessional booth talking about how much she wanted to be in the finals and added it was because "and I say this humbly, we deserve to be there". And I said to the TV - because sometimes, I talk to my TV - "and honey, that's why you're gone". She then said something similar in an interview published the next day: " I’m so proud of me and I say that humbly ". Saying something proud and then claiming you do so humbly is impossible. It's an oxymoron. It seems fake, makes you sound like an arrogant arse and it's completely like that insane statement of someone saying something really mean to you and then following up by "no offense intended". Of course it's intended! And of course she's proud of herself and y’know? It's okay to be proud of yourself, but when you add that humble thing right after, you end up aggravating people.

And speaking of dancing, ever heard of Dance your PhD? In quantum mechanics. Whoa…

Also this week, Prince William and Kate Middleton finally got engaged. I read about it in an article in the Toronto Star where they naturally find some way to work in Princess Diana, mentioning how people "of a certain age" will remember watching her wedding. Which made me cry, because that means I’ve now joined the Of a Certain Age group.

Feminist ranting time about abstinence programs and purity balls. From Janet.

The Blue Ocean in RED. Breathtaking.

Tiger Summit. A TIGER Summit?? Can I go?

Just watched a documentary called Are We Digital Dummies? and it's great. Informative, thoughtprovoking and in general terrific. Watch online.

And for the disability part of the Random …

Remember last year when Abercrombie and Fitch got in trouble because they did sent an employee to the back to work in the stock room, as using a prosthesis was not part of the accepted wardrobe for staff? Now they're not allowed to wear poppies for Remembrance Day, either. Our that the mall last weekend went by an A&F store for the first time, briefly considered going in and then remembered their treatment of an employee with a disability. And didn't shop there (although I was tempted to pop in and tell them why I didn't shop there first). I urge you to boycott them, too.

As an aside? Check out that article about the young woman with a prosthesis. Apparently, she was initially told that it was okay to work in the front of the store, as long as she wore a cardigan! To hide her prosthesis. Excuse me while my head explodes and masses of confetti in very angry colors float about the air.

And speaking of angry confetti, someone left a comment on my post about discrimination, telling a story that is best quoted in their own words: “So right.  I still pass for able bodied.  I was walking somewhere at work a few days ago with another employee.  I stood and waited for the elevator.  Don't be lazy! she said, the stairs are right here.  Explained stairs are not an option.  Confused silence.  Then this: so how come you're still allowed to work here?” Every time I look at that paragraph, my blood pressure rises about 30 points and 17 different ranty statements trip over themselves in my head. WTF?? This kind of attitude is still out there? Well, obviously or there wouldn't be discrimination, ridiculously high unemployment rates, etc., but seriously? Someone would actually say that? Out loud? To the actual person?? Every now and again, when I think we've taken a step forward, I see proof that is going backwards instead.

And one last thing. On behalf of my shoulder and those of us who have trouble using a keyboard, might those of you who have word verification on your comment section consider removing it? It can make it harder for readers with a disability to leave comments on your posts. Unless of course you've been assailed by spam.

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans out there! I am thankful that so many of you are civilized, informed, tactful and filled with common sense.


Anonymous said…
How come she was? With an attitude and mouth like that, creating actionable situations for their employer. Wow, what a thing to say. You can only feel sorry for someone like that: life happens, and when it will to her, how is she going to know how to cope?

Loved the ocean video. Makes me want to take you around Monterey Bay Aquarium to show you some of those things live!
Anonymous said…
Oh, oops, that was me.

--AlisonH at spindyeknit.com
kristy said…
I was in a bank today here in the grand state of Wisconsin and a gentleman in a wheel chair, was doing business with a teller, than proceeded to leave, I noticed that the doors where not handicapped assesable, he had to push hard against it to pen it , I went to help him I than asked the teller whether it was against the law for them not to have such doors , we didn't know is it? and would it help if someone said something to the branch manager
Judith in Ottawa said…
No, you may not attend the Tiger Summit. Now that you are "of a certain age" you have to go to the Cougar Summit.

Sorry, that was too easy.
Cathryn said…
Definitely several WTF moments in today's post.  Loved your picture of Lucy on the box, too.  She is just adorable, and that pose of hers is very familiar.  Every box that comes in my house is immediately claimed by cats.  Whether they're empty or not, lol.
Anonymous said…
Good point about the word verification.
I can always delete the spam later
(BTW as a side note, I am in day 3 of a bad fibro fog flare which always intensifies my latent dyslexia. The comment came originally came out:

"Godo ponit abotu teh wrod verifitacoin, I acn alyaws delete teh pams laret."

Thank goodness those red lines show up and I am able to correct later!
laurainalameda@gmail.com said…
just took the word verification off. didn't even realize I had it. The quote of e seems more powerful reading it one someone else's blog- but then I'm slow on the uptake. If I ever get shot, it might take me a moment to fall down.
Diane said…
OK, I have gotten spammed in the paste, but we'll try taking off the word verification for awhile.  

Is it just me, or does it seem like people have lost their "filters" for what to say or what not to say (or type on line)?  We've all had "foot-in-mouth" disease at times; it sure seems like there is much more of it.