Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Traveling with RA

The holiday theme has started and over on MyRACentral, I write about RA and traveling:

"‘Tis the season. The start of holiday celebrations, for gathering with family and friends and that means traveling. Whether you're driving to the other end of the city, taking the train to the next state or flying across the country, at some point in the next six weeks or so, you'll be going somewhere. Staying comfortable during your trip is an important part of arriving at your destination feeling as good as possible so you can enjoy the festivities."

You can read the rest here.


k said…
I have had a series of joint injuries, and I wholeheartedly endorse this article. When I get in my car to drive for more than fifteen minutes, I run through a long list of adjustments. I feel like I'm strapping myself into a spaceship, but my ribs don't hurt, my hands don't hurt, and I can stand when I get out of the car. And that's for a trip that normally takes an hour. I don't want to think about cross-country.