Random August

When selecting the winner of the birthday contest, I thought of asking Mojo to get involved, but she tends to look at me as if I've grown an extra head whenever I've asked for assistance in picking winners, so that didn't work. The Tinks didn't quite get the concept of picking a number, so I decided to wait until they're little older before I called them again. So naturally, I chose numerology (what? Naturally? Well, why not...). I added the numbers in my birthdate and came up with #9. Congratulations, LynnM! Depending on the state of my shoulder, I may be updating my Flickr page this week, so you if you want to wait until that happens, just let me know. If not, e-mail me your choice and your address and I'll get it off as soon as I can.

And on to the link-o-rama…

I'm starting with a few favorites from the lol group: this one (turn up the speakers) had me howling and I keep laughing every time I play it (which has been more than once). It's adorable, but I'm pretty happy Mojo doesn't do this - she's almost exclusively on wet food and I think it would drive me crazy. Not a video, but still very, very funny

cute pictures of puppies with captions

and then there's this one. Which makes me feel pretty smug, even if it's only reflected glory.

stephen hawking

Laurie posted this reminder that we have not reached a period of postfeminism yet. Feel free to foam at the mouth. Bridget found a great website about awkward family photos and Julie sent me this link apropos last month's Random mentioning of Disney princesses. It's a bit long, but well worth it. And via Steph’s Twitter page, here are photos of a real humdinger of a storm we had a few weeks ago.

Trevor's contribution this month includes a test revealing how you can tell you cat is plotting to kill you

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

according to which, Mojo is apparently an ungrateful little snot and another classic contribution from the lol pages, an experience from the trenches of the post office, a really interesting experiment in what exactly you can send in the mail and lastly, a rather extreme apology.

I don't know what this is, but it's pretty wonderful and there's Lego involved, so that can only be a good thing.

DavidG sent a bunch of gems, as well. A fabulous review of a beer and while we are (sort of) speaking of beverages that are bubbles in it, I really want to replicate this experiment. Staying within the beverage honor, check out some early Muppets working for Wilkins coffee (watch the ball, they're great). Still somewhat liquid, David sent me this link to a quick lecture about the Mola Mola - I've never heard of this fish, but I'm utterly fascinated now. A collection of rather epic accessibility mistakes, crimes against poodles, Hamlet on Facebook, a wonderful segment for the auto freaks in all of us (oh, how I wish I'd been in that car) and only click on this link if you don't mind a little blasphemy.

For the Twilight fans out there or, come to think of it, probably more for the people who are not fans, The Vamp. Definitely NSFW or around the innocent, but my god. It's Princess pink and it sparkles. I. Just. Couldn’t.

The winner of this year's Eurovision was Norway and Alexander Rybak’s Fairytale. Two listens and it's been in my head since. I finally resorted to cleaning out my brain with what may be my all-time favorite Eurovision entry. Do not try to explain, just watch and…. Danzing!!

And before I move on with the day, I’ll leave you with a new Maxine opinion: real women don’t have hot flashes, they have power surges.