Reason #763 I Love Living Downtown

Not just events like Random Fun, but more organized, like the second annual Toronto Criterium - a bike race to kick off the city's Bike Month. There's a kids' race, an amateur race and it all ends with the Pro Race, a 1 1/2 hour plus 5 laps race within easy walking distance from my place (reason #764 I love living downtown)

Spectators lined the sidewalks and a police officer helped keep people from crossing the street when the racers came. In between those times, he chatted with people, kidded around with the kids and checked out photos

And then the racers came

And turned

After 30 minutes, this guy was two laps ahead of the rest and I went home before the buckets of rain started

And speaking of bikes. Ken is doing the Friends for Life Bike Rally for the Toronto People with Aids Foundation, spending a week in July riding from Toronto to Montreal. If the spirit moves you, please go sponsor him.