Tink Weekend

My lovies came by this weekend, along with their staff (Janne and John). It was the family celebration of John's birthday - birthday boy here seen with cake, Janne and Liam's arm.

Liam had great fun with blueberries

Morgan cuddled with a Schnauzer puppy (ed: plush, not real) gifted by Mormor (grandmother in Danish)

Big squeeze from Daddy.


Did I mention the blueberries were a lot of fun?

Morgan observes from new angles

Yes, horribly blurry, but this photo of the kids playing with John does something to me, I think especially because it's blurry.

This hollow in Liam's neck just makes my heart ache

The girl with the thistledown hair. Composition partly, shamelessly - and unconsciously - plagiarized from Michelle.

Note: attempted to do a scheduled post as remainder of week must be spent on work. Published today for some reason, so I deleted it again. Sigh. It'll reappear on Friday.