Reason #547 I Love Living Downtown

On Friday , I was sitting at my desk in front of the open window, enjoying the sounds of early evening - birds, laughing kids, the icecream truck - when I heard the sound of muffled drums. This is not a normal occurrence around here, so I looked out the window. Couldn't see anything, other than a girl running down the street, past my building. So I decided to go check out what surprise life had in store life, half thinking it might be a World Cup related activity, despite my neighbourhood not being overwhelmingly dominated by people from one of the remaining teams.

I get down on the street and see a bunch of people down the road a bit. Naturally, I follow. It's a large crowd of young people - at least 50, likely more - many dressed in costumes, many with homemade wings on their back, beating drums, dancing, carrying a big banner (I never caught up enough to see what it said). Other neighbours streamed down the street to join the parade and one had asked what it was about. Random Fun was the answer.

Random Fun. How wonderful.