It all started with the shower curtain.

When I moved into my own apartment (after years and years of waiting for one with attendant care attached to become available), AB sent me a fantastic shower curtain with a frog on it. Charming, whimsical, doesn’t matter what you call it, it makes me smile in the morning and considering how very unawake I am upon first becoming vertical, you’d know how much of a miracle that is

Over the years, that first frog has been followed by others, as if it’s been sending out notices to its friends and family. The whole family hasn’t invaded, it's not as if there is a mad collecting thing going on (because a one bedroom apartment covered in frogs would be a little… creepy), not just any frog will do, but every couple of years, I'll find a one that wants to come home with me.

Sometimes, it surprises me how many uses there can be for a frog. One perched upon a stick to add pizzazz for your plants? Who’d have thunk (and yes, that other thing is a Danish flag stuck into my ficus, as well and let’s not get started on the flags. Ken claims Danish people use flags for all occasions, just because they decorate Christmas trees, birthday cakes and… well. Maybe he has a point)

But mostly, they don’t really do anything, other than hang out here and there, peeking out on my interior world, adding a bit of colour, a bit of nature, a bit of joy.

Recently, I've been told that in native cultures, frogs are the symbol of happiness (plus a whole lot other meanings in other cultures - scroll down) and I can well believe it. It's not something I do deliberately, but often, I will rest my eyes on one of my frogs and though I don't always consciously register it, it gives me a moment of a smile

Do you have a collection, accidental or on purpose?


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