Random January

The back-up is for real. No comment.

Trevor's sent me some new president-related links. Apparently, Obama is Irish (the song is here) and equally apparently, Krispy Kreme's free doughnuts on Inauguration Day is pro-choice? Who knew? Also somewhat political (ok, vaguely related), the annual banished words list. And not at all political, but it made me laugh so hard I snorted, a comment about to-do lists.

Different versions of a walk-in closet (and can anyone confirm that they are indeed speaking German? Sounds to me like German by an English speaker who thought throwing in a touch of he Swedish Chef from The Muppet Show was a good idea).

I need this sign.

One of the reasons I love Isabella Rosselini is this new project called Green Porno. Click around. It’s wonderfully demented.

From the forefront of science: A hot drink may ease symptoms of cold and flu. Really? Who knew??

A bit late, but it's good anyway. A California Carol.

From LynnM, two great videos about health care receptionists. Funny, yet with a painful tinge of truth.

And to start your Monday with a smile: What Anchors Do During Commercials.