Summer's Here

A surefire sign of summer having arrived is John's birthday. Happy birthday, John!

Another sign is street festivals. One of great things about living downtown in the summer is the festivals that take over your community (not including Buskerfest. I hate when Buskerfest takes over my neighbourhood). This wekend marked the first of many - Toronto's Bike Month, in which all things related to bicycling was celebrated. How is this fun for me, you ask? Well, it so happens that one of the big evens was closed streets bike races (Toronto's first in 27 years) held in my neighbourhood. There was a kids' race, an amateur race and a community parade of regular people gathering en masse on bikes

Lots and lots of bikes

And yet another reason I love Canadians is that some bikers went rogue and took over the highway. Seriosuly. About 200 of 'em on the Gardiner and no one got hurt. Four did get arrested, though.

And then there was the pro race and holy crap, did they ever move fast. So fast that this is the best picture I could get

I then remembered that my camera has a video setting (took me awhile as I've decided not to think on Fridays. Y'know, for the rest leading up to the weekend) and found a place closer to the action. Which was significant and caused a major wind thing to happen. The race was 90 mins + 3 laps - NINETY MINUTES at this speed?!?? Ouch. I recorded two videos and have chosen this one, which although is slightly less interesting technically, has a hilarious moment about halfway through (in the quiet between the leaders and the rest of the pack) when one of the spectators utters a loud exclamation in response to a friend's statement.