Random June

To start us off in a properly reverential mood, click here for a collection of children's letters to god (found over at Willowtree's). Okay, so reverential is probably not the right word for these epistles. Adorable, funny and unbearably cute might be more apt.

The other day, one of Mojo's whiskers in its preparation to leave her face turned upwards instead of down, giving her a sort of onesided handlebar mustache and it reminded me that I've been wondering for a while what happened to moustaches. I like moustaches - well, not so much the thick, bushy ones paired with muttonchops so popular in the 70s that made men's faces look at if they'd been invaded by a colony of giant, hairy caterpillars - but a neat, well-trimmed moustache adds a lot to a man's face, gives him a sort of thatched smile that I find very charming. Come to think of it, what happened to facial hair in general? It's bad enough with the chest waxing so popular among the younger generation (and yes, I know I just made myself sound as if I'm 87), then the hairless man trend moved to shaving/waxing arms and legs, heads and now faces. Is it just me who doesn't like a Ken doll look?

Lately, I've been getting a lot of spam with the subject title "update your penis". It makes me laugh every time I see it. This is not spam that talks about specific features of the organ, nor does it promise a joyous reception on behalf of the recipient. No, it simply and very geekily suggest that you update. I have an active imagination - sometimes, too active - and the possible scenarios involved in said updating are amusing me to no end. I mean, is it done on the Microsoft site? Sold in an Apple store? Is it freeware? Etc., etc...

First there was lolcats, then loldogs and I've lately become aware of lolpolitics, but I think I've found the site to beat them all. Or rather, Shiva has. Lolthulhu. Astonishing.

The other day, I was reading an article in the paper regarding Hillary Clinton ending her campaign to become the Democratic presidential candidate. In the article, Representative Charlie Rangel is quoted regarding the calls Clinton made to discuss the decision prior to the announcement: "[s]he was just as spunky as ever". I beg your pardon? 'Spunky'?? A US Congressman calls a person seeking the nomination to be his party's presidential candidate SPUNKY? Yeah, I guess the boys’ club (and quite possibly, the country) really isn't ready for a female president. I mean, can you imagine anyone calling a male candidate spunky? The lack of respect, the condescension… I'll stop sputtering now before I give myself an aneurysm. Feel free to add your own rant in the comments.

Still somewhat political, but in a much more positive way. Amnesty International is doing a mural series to celebrate the 60th year of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The first mural is completed and is hosted by Family Residence, a shelter for homeless families where my friend Michele works. You can see a video about the mural series here, another video of the painting of the first mural by youth at the Harbourfront Community Centre here and one of the installation at Family Residence in a few weekends ago here. It's incredibly cool and quite possibly very, very spunky.

Click at your own risk! Josh Wolk has posted what may be the stickiest song ever. If you ever want to get rid of a song that's stuck in your head, click on this link and it will be scrubbed from your brain. Unfortunately, the song - called "Losing You, Losing You" by Jan Terri - will, once it's evicted the previous song, take up permanent residence in your brain. I can't get it out of mine. Josh also post a link to a song called Chocolate Rain, of which I had been blissfully unaware and although it's pretty sticky, it can't beat "Losing You, Losing You" for the perfect storm of audio and visual specialness (I'm sure there are many other words to describe it, but I'm choosing that one).


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