Make My Day. Again.

My life these days goes something like this:

*Day 1: significant snowfall, day spent inside.
Day 2: roads and sidewalks eating cleared, snow piled up by curb cuts, unable to leave house.
Day 3: run around stocking up on groceries and in general preparing for
Day 4: significant snowfall, day spent inside.
Repeat from*

Today is a day 3, which means that posting is going to be quick and easy. I really liked the Make My Day meme and it was so hard to choose just 10 blogs that I have decided to every now and again do a post with links that make my day. Enjoy!

Yarn Tails. I've been reading Diane's blog for several years and enjoy the look into a life much different from mine. For one, there are horses and that's always enjoyable. There's also knitting, cats and a very adorable dog. And best of all, Diane and I have met in real life, too - every time she and her mother pop over from across the lake, we meet up and Diane's mom is a delightful as human being as Diane herself.

Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords. Rob has written about being Schuyler’s father over several years and several sites. Over the years, as I followed their journey, I have learned much about what it's like to be a parent to child with a disability and it's given me insight into my parents' experience. Rob's book has just been released and I can't wait until it's released as an audio book, too (that's a heavy hint to his publisher).

Mihow. A recent discovery, Mihow chronicles Michele's life as a new mother, complete with pictures and video of a very adorable Emory, lots of interesting and thought-provoking entries and the weekly staple of Tuesdays with Murray (the cat). This one had me howling.

Josh Volk. I first started reading Josh Volk on the Entertainment Weekly website, where he does the recaps of The Amazing Race. Recaps that make you cry with laughter and then he wrote a book and started a blog. This entry about season nine of Big Brother explains exactly why I for the first time since the beginning have stopped watching.

N.B. for some reason, clicking on Josh Volk's link gets you a message that you're referred by a known spammer. I am no idea what's going on, but will e-mail him when I get a minute. In the meantime, when you are on the "go away a bad person" page, click on the link that says bypasses message and you will get to Josh's blog.