Sing It Loud

Remember the TV show Ally McBeal? Years ago, my sister and I would get together once a week for our female bonding evening. During the week, I would tape various "chick shows" and we'd settle in front of the TV with something yummy to eat - although we paid lip service to a proper dinner, it was really the yummy desserts and other forms of not-so-healthy foods (usually involving chocolate) that formed the primary meal. We'd watch Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, Dawson's Creek - shows that no member of the male species would be caught dead watching and due to their soapiness, were really best watched in company with another woman. We'd get all caught up in what ever deep emotional crisis going on within a show, thoroughly enjoy the trashy evening and it was a fantastic way of building our relationship. We've found other ways to achieve the same thing now, but I'm hoping that someday, when the kids have left home, we can go back to the occasional female bonding evening.

However, this is not the point of this post (I got distracted). The point is that Ally McBeal was on heavy rotation in our evenings and there was that one episode where Ally went to a shrink who asked her to pick a theme song. Naturally, this prompted several weeks of percolating in my head in an attempt to find my theme song. Weeks, because I take such things seriously. probably a smidge too seriously. Eventually, I narrowed it down to three, although all these years later, only one of them stood the test of time and still remains my theme.

I had a plan last summer to post about this, but a week before, Willowtree beat me to it. I figure that it's been long enough now that I can post this without seeming like a shameless plagiarist.

My theme song is this (in case you can't play music at this particular moment, it's "Don't Fence Me in" by David Byrne from the this album). Not the original version, not any other cover, only this one.

What's your theme song?


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