Make My Day

In my almost 3 years of blogging (wow, has it really been three years?), I've never been meme'd. Until now, when both Carrie and Helen told me that I Made Their Day and now it's my turn. Naturally, being me, I have been twisting myself into a pretzel about having to choose only 10 blogs that make my day, because what about the others? Won't their feelings be hurt if they are not on the list? Because all the blogs I read repeatedly making my day. It's why I read them. So choosing only 10 has been rather agonizing for me and yes, I know that it is quite likely that I'm taking this way too seriously...

Anyway. Before I lose my mind entirely, let's get the show on the road. And p.s. I have no idera why I can't fix the font so everything looks the way it's supposed to, but I've decided to move on with my day.

Just Noodlin’. This is a no-brainer - it's my brother-in-law's blog and regularly gives me what I need: pictures and stories about my lovies. The only way it could get better was if dude posted more. He claims vapid excuses like "full-time job", "childcare", "snow shovelling". I think he's just torturing me.

The QC Report. Quinn makes me think and laugh, tells me about horse rescue and offers up the kind of writing that makes me feel unworthy of penning a personal cheque.

The Gimp Parade. Kay is my connection to what's going on in the disability field and regularly makes me think so much that my brain hurts.

The Daily Coyote. I found this recently - it's written by a woman who did what I sometimes dream about: settling in a small cabin in the wilderness. And if that wasn't exciting enough, she's also raising a coyote. Recent posts document Charlie's harrowing case of parvovirus and I'm relieved that he's okay.

Krafty Kuka. Leading up to the holidays, Kuka posted recipes of Danish treats that made me drool into my keyboard. Ken used one of them for the brunkager he brought this Christmas. They tasted like my childhood Christmases and it may be proof that after years of exposure, he’s become half-Danish. I rationed them severely, savouring only half at a time, wanting to make them last as long as possible. I still have one left and can barely bring myself to eat it. Have thought of bronzing it, actually.

Rhymes with Fuchsia. For promising S*X, yet withholding for weeks, posting photos that give me nightmares of rabid ducks and giving me a balancing view from the other side of the coin when I fly into a rage.

Go Fug Yourself. Written by two incredibly talented women one of the things I love most about this blog (other then the laughing it induces), is that they make fun of the clothes and the behaviour, but rarely of the person.

Naked Blog. I've read Peter's blog for several years now and thoroughly enjoy his take on life in Leith - the man has a way with words. Following his journey from avowed couch potato to master hill climber has been a privilege and the pictures from these climbs are astonishing. Go lose yourself on his Flickr page.

Willowtree. Trivia enabler, Photoshop aficionado, goofball, pet video/picture poster par excellence. Recently left blogging and much of the world was sad. But I'm happy to report that he appears to be sticking his toe back in the water.

SpinDyeKnit. Alison is included on this list for two reasons. She reminds me to pay attention, usually several times a week. And the second reason as that not too long ago, she made my day in a very personal and more tangible way, when something arrived in my mailbox.

Shawl modelled by my mother and despite her being stuck in the nursinghome, I didn’t let her keep it because, as my niece Morgan is fond of saying, it’s “mine, mine, mine!”. It is lovely worn, but I have to admit that most of the time, I just hold it in my lap - when it's puddled like that, it looks like a tiny bit of the ocean has decided to come visit. And by the way? It not only looks like the sea, letting it run through your hands feels like it, too.