That Might Explain It

The first order of business today is the result of last Wednesday’s contest. I got a ton of email, which I always enjoy (note to self: have contests more often!). There were answers, guesses and even made-up songs - Willowtree’s “Ain't no trout about it” deserves honourable mention and Cindi’s (who may have a blog, but I’m not sure) suggestion that I was thinking of the theme from Jaws made me giggle every time I thought about it. Most of you were on my wavelength – a fact which you may or may not decide to worry about – and I want to especially thank Jessica for taking the time to type out all the lyrics – now when it’s stuck in my head (over and over and over again), at least I can sing more than a line or two. If you guessed Fish Heads by Barnes & Barnes, you were in the pool. I respectfully requested the participation of Her Royal Catness, but she claimed to be busy digesting, so I put the names in a Tupperware container fancy receptacle, closed my eyes and picked one. And the winner is…. Beth! Congratulations - the print will be on its way within a day or two.

The Christmas spirit hasn't quite hit me yet and I can't quite figure out why. Sure, I've been really busy, I got a good part of my shopping done very early and then wandered off and never quite got back into it again. It's not for lack of cues. The Santa Claus Parade happened, carols are playing in all the stores, there’s lights and decorations and Christmas trees everywhere – even ones made of feathers

Feathers??? Nevermind, moving on! The more traditional trees have arrived, as well

And every day when I pass by, I inhale deeply and the piney scent of green and happiness moves from my nostrils to my lungs and from there into every part of me and that's usually when I start humming the Christmas carols.

This year is a very different from last winter - seems like we have snow every few days and sometimes, like last Friday, it is perfect packing snow and I find myself calling up Ken who's at work in a place that's not even officially Toronto and ask if he wants to meet me outside for a snowball fight. We then discussed snow people, snow angels and hot chocolate, so we are on the ball in terms of seasonally appropriate activities. A
nd speaking of snow, we got a bit more this weekend

The dogs seemed to love it

Something tells me I'll be housebound until at least Wednesday

But still, it's not time for the Christmas spirit yet, because there’s plenty of time, isn’t there and I don’t want to be sick of the holiday stuff before The Big Day arrives. When it comes decorating my home, I'm just not that into it this year. I'm even thinking of not decorating at all, but then tell myself that there’s still plenty of time to change my mind. Except there’s not really, is there? Because today’s the 16th and Christmas is in 7 days and how in the name of Rudolph did that happen? Every time I realize that there are only SEVEN DAYS till Christmas, I am completely shocked. Even when I remind myself of the fact several times a day, I am still shocked every single time..

And I think I’ve figured out. It’s because of my advent candle. In the grand tradition of advent candles in my house, I’m a little behind, except for some odd reason (that I’m a dimwit?), this year, I believe the candle, not everything else in the world and according to the candle

It’s last weekend.

I think I need to get my arse in gear.

Are you ready?