Random December

On Monday, at the very top of my list - after blogging, of course - was creating a bit of a schedule. It went something like this:

10a.m. - stress out

11a.m. - panic

12 noon - tear hair

1p.m. - gnash teeth

1:30 p.m. - eat lunch. Include chocolate

2p.m. – flit from task to task, never spending more than five minutes on any one thing, create mess, be convinced that alphabetical paperclips would solve all my problems (how couldn’t they? I mean, it’s alphabetical paperclips!), lose presents in mess

3p.m. - have hysterics

3:30 p.m. – nap

As you can probably imagine, Monday was highly unproductive. In the evening, I attempted to get a grip by writing a list for Tuesday and printed in capital letters at the top was GET OVERVIEW OF XMAS, because I am that anal-retentive and my lack of perspective so profound that only by the proverbial writing of a list and checking it twice (or 10 times) could I begin to hope for less holiday angst. So I got an overview, not only of Christmas, but also everything else that has to be done before the holidays - I have a Very Ambitious Plan to be finished by the weekend (stop laughing!) - and realized that I have a deadline, not to mention wrapping, decorating, last-minute running around and in other words, I'm going to throw some distracting links out there that you can use in between your own hysterics and then I'm running out the door.

Rail Europe has a quite adorable (and goofy) Christmas card.

I'm a weather fanatic (hey, it's compelling) and was highly entertained by this weather quiz. As well, I got an old suspicion confirmed and I hope you don't mind if I ruin one of the answers for you. My housekeeper used to come on Thursdays and for the longest time, I claimed that it would always snow when my floors had just been washed. Turns out that I wasn't completely insane and that most major snowfalls in Toronto do indeed happen on Thursdays. Who knew?

On days where you want to feel really fancy and fabulous, there is a pill you can take to make your poop glitter. Found on Crazy Aunt Purl.

Something more addictive than Minesweeper. An alleged Air Force test that's both incredibly simple and an excellent procrastination activity. My best time so far it is almost 12 seconds. I use it as a reward. I'll be allowed to play again on December 23.

And penultimately, another seasonal link. I belong to an email list for Danes outside of Denmark and every year, one of the members does this fantastic bilingual advent calendar that's entertaining, as well as educational. Enjoy!

I was talking to a friend who lives in South Carolina, who told me she'd seen a cormorant doing yoga the other day (or at least it looked like it was doing yoga). I countered with The Pigeon That Hated Snow - you can just see the ICK!, can't you?