Big Birthday Bash

This weekend, we celebrated John’s 50th birthday with a surprise party and I documented the event as if I’d been hired to… OK, fine. More like I’d morphed into a member of the paparazzi (click on pics for larger versions). Here’s the Birthday Boy arriving

I should probably admit that the vast majority of the (vast amounts of) photographs taken by yours truly are of the Tinks - hey, I don’t see them often and they’re cute and OK, so I can’t stop with the picture taking when they’re around because I want a record of every breath they take. No, I am not obsessed with my wee lovies – and speaking of my wee lovies. Remember two months ago, when they definitely looked like babies? What happened? Look at those longlegged children in the stroller! What kind of fertilizer do their parents use??

Liam wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t too sure about how he felt about everything (it was the Tinks’ first visit to a restaurant), although shortly after this picture was taken, he and I engaged in a spirited game of peek-a-boo.

Morgan got right into the menu.

After a while, Liam started feeling better, although he cleverly manipulated his not-quite-perky state of being into bending every adult present to his will, spending most of the evening on one lap or another. That’s mormor’s nose in the corner.

There were noisemakers, streamers and partyhats. Morgan was left unimpressed by the hat thing and looked like this until it was removed. Which was quickly. You don’t want to leave a hat on that child for long.

Having moved to his mother’s lap, Liam got into the balloons.

As did Morgan.

And then there was cake. A lot of cake. Chocolate cake with chocolate filling (and strawberries) and fudge icing. Yes, we like chocolate – why do you ask?

Busy day, fun evening, successfully rocked to sleep by Ken, the Master Baby Wrangler.