Tri-Birthday/Tink Fest

We did the family Spring Babies festivities this weekend, celebration 3 birthday people: Ken, Janne and mor. The Tinks came, too. I'd planned to have the kidlings do the draw for Lynn's Gift That Keeps On Giving, but... erm... well. The children were so cute and did so many new things I hadn't seen before, I forgot all about it. My bad. I'll figure something out this week that'll hopefully be just as fun - have patience, please.

Liam found the mirror by the elevator.

I'd brought presents for the kids - hey, it was a birthday party, right? People should have presents (even if it's not their birthday) - and Morgan fell in love with the apparent bastard child of a cow and a giraffe (cow-raffe?). Mormor had fun tickling her with the fur (yes, that's my finger in the corner).

Ken used Liam as a model to check the progress of his sweater.

Morgan is a natural soccer player.

Liam did acrobatics with his dad

while Morgan moooved with the Christmas Mooose.