Mercury Retrograde Does It Again

A week ago, when my mother was about to drive off to see the Tinks (which is a long drive – two areas codes away and that’s quite a lot here in Southern Ontario), I told her to drive carefully, because I’d had a dream/feeling/something that there was an accident coming. Didn’t know anything more, except it’d be pretty serious and assumed it’d be car-related. I’ve gotten feelings like this before, since I was a kid. Runs in the women on my mother’s side. My grandmother had them, mor has them, I have them. Suffice it to say, that had we been born in another time, we’d have been burned at the stake. Anyway, mor got to the Tinks and back in one piece.

This past Thursday, one of my mother’s oldest and dearest friends arrived last Thursday for a 1-week visit. Inger has never been here before, but for the past 25 years, they’ve stayed in touch by phone and letters and we’ve all been very excited about the visit. Unfortunately, Inger arrived with a massive chest cold and Saturday, she felt so crappy, they decided to go to a walk-in clinic.

On the way out from the clinic, antibiotics in hand, mor fell and hurt her feet. Being mor, she drove home and had a spot of lunch before calling the paramedics. Turns out she managed to break several bones in her left ankle/foot and managed to dislocate her right ankle so severely, they had to perform surgery to rearrange the bones back to where they were supposed to be. She will be in the hospital, in bed for six weeks and, I assume, likely more for rehab.

I have a migraine. Also, the bastards didn’t take her to the hospital closest to where we live, so it’s going to be hard to get there as often as I’d like.

Oh, and that feeling I had about the accident a week early? What’s the bleedin’ point of being able to see glimpses of the future if it ain’t gonna be more specific?? Or give you the winning lottery numbers...