Midterm Report

I don't know about you, but I need an antidote. Something light and fluffy and superficial. So I'm going to follow up on a post I wrote at the beginning of the television season and delight (?) you yet again with my TV opinions

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I'm still watching, I'm still liking. It is a bit smug at times, but the excellence of the writing and acting more than make up for it (besides, every now and again, I like indulging my own smugness).

Bones. Love it, love it, love it. In the beginning of the season, I wasn't sure about the new character of Cam - I cared deeply about Dr. Goodman and don't want to see him replaced - but she's added a certain something that has gradually won me over (I still want Dr. Goodman back, though). And thinking of the episode where Brennan and Hodgins were buried alive still gives me chills.

Criminal Minds. In the fall, I put the show on notice that unless it smartened up, I'd be gone. It did smarten up some and I'm still watching. Despite the strong streak of sexism - is almost always women in peril and there was clearly some degree of discomfort with a strong woman as profiler, but nonetheless, I watch. Sometimes only for Garcia and Morgan

Grey’s Anatomy. Thoroughly satisfying season so far. Bailey is a wonderful, especially now that she's gotten in little bit of the Nazi back in her, I worry about Richard and Adele, McSteamy is a wonderfully obnoxious addition, I like that Alex has become more three-dimensional, I like that Izzy is back and that there are consequences and that there are going to be consequences as well for Preston and Christina. I could go on - I haven't yet touched on George and Callie, Mer & Der, Addison, and I sure I've forgotten something else. Bottom line is that I love how flawed these characters are and I love how they make me think, even as they make me laugh (or cry. I'm not afraid of admitting that).

CSI. Off the probation list, I'm back to watching obsessively. I hope Grissom won't be gone for long and that when he does return, he'll have grown the beard back. The beard was hot. I've heard that William Petersen wants off the show, but I would miss him terribly - I'm not really sure it would work as well without him. Greg is wonderful and I’m happy he’s playing a bigger part now, I love some of the ongoing storylines (crime related, not so much the soap stuff), Catherine is starting to annoy me and overall, I'm still a fan.

ER. Carrie has left. Very upsetting. I know that she didn't really seem to have a place there anymore, but she's been there for so long and I like her so much that I'm going to miss her. Archie continues to be wonderful and I continue to not care about Sam. And is it just me or is Pratt very aptly named? He annoys the crap out of me, always have.

Numb3rs. Not on my original list last fall, as I had decided to give it up – it’d gotten somewhat boring towards the end of last season. However, I'm back and so is the show. I'm going to miss Larry Fleinhardt (lover of monochromatic foods, owner of the best car on TV - 1931 black Model A Ford - unlikely sex symbol [smart is sexy!] and even unlikelier astronaut), I like the touch of humour he added, although it seems like they're going to continue lightening up every now and again, even without him. I like Charlie, I like the dad, I like Don, love the new character Millie, I like Megan. I don't quite get the presence of the two young "hot" guys - bland as dishwater, both of them. Guess they're there for eyecandy. Unnecessarily/

Brothers and Sisters. Still watching, still liking, especially Rachel Griffiths. I like that they have a gay character who actually has a love life, instead of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy that most shows seem to employ (Scotty so needs to come back). I will admit that I missed the dark side the show started out with, but I'm pretty sure that if they hadn't changed to something a tad fluffier, it would've gotten cancelled and as I thoroughly enjoy my Sunday evenings with the Walkers, I'm going to not complain too much.

Men in Trees. Got tiresomely precious. I left.

There are a few other shows that I watch occasionally. Medium, Law and Order: SVU, 30 Rock and I'm trying to catch Ugly Betty every now and again, but the last one conflicted with Survivor and the first two… well. You can only handle so much darkness, can't you? And speaking of... Much as I love procedurals (rather obvious after this list), it's a lot of crime, isn't it? Do they ever do shows that aren't about doctors, lawyers or crime?

What are you watching?