Random July

A belated shout-out to Diane of the comments and her mother, who toured Canada this summer. We met at the Market, had lunch and gabbed. Turns out, all three of us talk a lot, so naturally, we hit it off famously. I wish they lived closer.

Why are there ads on the movies I rent or buy? One should think that part of the money you shell out for a DVD could go to eliminate ads. Drives me batty. Makes me feel ripped off.

Ontario has gotten itself a tartan! Not bad. Apparently, there’ll be an annual Tartan Day and although I’m not Scottish, I do like the burr of the accent – and am nuts about the place itself – so I might go get something suitable to celebrate the day (when I find out when that is - I have a vague impression of sometime in April, but could be wrong).

I’ve been looking for an alternative to my soap and because of the accursed asthma, it needed to be unscented. Which turns out to not be as easy to come by as you might think. I bought Dove unscented soap – should solve the problem, right? Nope! It has a fragrance so intense, it almost knocked me off my feet. Apparently, if you define ‘unscented’ as ‘containing no scent’, you should get Dove for sensitive skin - no fragrance added! Erm…? I thought that meant it was ‘unscented? I don’t quite understand. Instead, I found this, which is awesome! Truly unscented, except for the brief – and quite pleasant, really – hint of eau de barnyard (not a problem to e.g., knitters), which dissipates within a minute. My skin immediately became incredibly soft and as a bonus, since I started using it a month ago, I haven’t needed deodorant. I keep expecting that side effect to abate, but it hasn’t so far. Crazy, that.

And while we’re on the topic of personal hygiene… I never liked the new trend of men waxing their chests. I’m old enough to like a bit o’ hair in that area. I understand it’s all about showing off your muscles, but really? Don’t like it, don’t think it’s sexy, cannot wait for it to be over. However, it has recently come to my attention that the waxed chest was just the beginning. Now it’s legs (I thought only competitive cyclists did that), arms and – get this - armpits. I won’t get into details about the pros (which pros?) and cons, merely summing up my reaction as: ew! Someone please make it stop. (no offense to anyone whose crank this turns, all a personal preference, objects in mirror are closer than they appear, etc., etc.)

Have a fantastic weekend!