The Other Team

This post is a multi-purpose one. First, it gets me off the blogging hook relatively easily, as I have a list as long as my arm and entirely too little time in which to be efficient. Second, it panders shamelessly to members of The Other Team (i.e., non-dogpeople) and third… well. It fulfils an obligation to two creatures who got a little huffy about the dogs (“dogs drool, cats rule” was one quote) - my other nephew, Jag (here seen on his favourite perch - photo by a TinkParent) and the mistress of my house.

I mentioned last week how much I resent naps. Don’t get me wrong – naps can be wonderful, particularly when they’re a treat. When they are necessary, it gets to be a bit of a drag. I call them my Mandatory Rest Period. However, there is one MRP-related tradtion that always makes me smile.

It starts off with Mojo insisting that she lie on my stomach (under the blanket, naturally) to receive an extended cuddle, including vigorous rubbing of ears and occasional washing of my hands. When she’s had enough of that, she crawls out, sits up against the wall and engages in her pre-nap grooming ritual. After that’s completed, I’ll hear a mighty rustling, meaning Mojo has assumed one of her favourite sleeping positions, used only when I'm in the bed, too. If I look up, this is what I see:

My cat’s nuts. But awfully cute.