Remember This?

Juno thinks that the first official dumping of white stuff this winter was "festive". And well... in terms of snowfall, it was pretty festive initially and in downtown Toronto, a bit of a non-event. As of last night, though? Holy icicletoes, Batman!!

Last night, it dipped down to -22C with the windchill. That's -7F (handy conversion tool here). Or, in the words of an old friend of mine, FF. That's a polite company/work environment way of saying Fucking Freezing, which is really the only way of describing such temperatures.

Welcome to Canada, Juno! Won't you be happy to leave it again?

(And yes, I turned on the heat. Dammit)

I know it's a smidge early in the season to despair, but I need a reminder of better times. To give me hope.


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