Dos and Don'ts of a Restorative Weekend


Answer the phone.

Get up early.


Think or talk about anything serious.


Hang out with your mother and sister and meander around the St. Lawrence Market, checking out vendors, eating sushi and sausages (alas, no pictures this time).

Take pictures of your mother doing the chicken dance next to the smoked and headless chicken

Crop your mother looking spectacularly silly out of the chicken photo. If you value your life.

Have your unborn niece(s)/nephew(s) try on adorable alpaca sweaters with little sheep.

Crop your sister’s face looking spectacularly silly out of sweater photo. If you value your life.

Sense a theme about headless chicks. Restrain laughter in front of your sister. If you value your life.

Check out the
new exhibit at the Market Gallery called Heart-Shaped Box: A Poetic Reflection on the Rebellion of 1837. Get all verklempt over heartrending inscriptions on tiny boxes.

Get lost in looking at old drawings and photographs depicting your neighbourhood 100-150 years ago.
Squint, turn quickly and be convinced you can almost see the past just below the present.

Watch mindless TV (Big Brother 6) and good DVDs (Freaky Friday, Dead Like Me).

Wander around the neighbourhood with a friend (hi, Robin of the comments!), have lunch on a patio (again, no pictures, as said friend demolished the arty columns of dripping cheese on his French Onion soup bowl before the camera was out of the bag) and rummage through the Sunday Antique Market.

Take pictures of your friend’s new musical balls

Be given a USSR pin by a vendor and agree with your friend that this might qualify as a type of swag. Feel important.

Wait for blogreaders to have fun with concept of friend's new musical balls.

Ahhh…. That’s better.