A Classic Andersen Outing

The highlight of the weekend was a visit from the radiant parents-to-be, which evolved into a quintessential Andersen moment. I should mention – for the purists among you - that although my brother-in-law was not born an Andersen, he is a naturalized one and well… just roll with it.

As has already been established, we’re Danish. When Danish people tell their friends they were out, the first question is invariably “what did you have to eat?” - we’re European and live to eat. My family has taken this trait to a new level and has combined the love of food with an almost unholy fascination with photography. We not only take photos of people during a meal, but also of the meal itself and the eating thereof. Usually, half our vacation snaps involve food.

Back to the weekend.
We took The Tinks to lunch and as they wanted Asian, we went to Spring Rolls, home of delicious food, large (and beautiful) portions, with low prices. One highlight was the Sweet and Sour Soup (incredibly yummy, albeit so hot it caused a spontaneous eruption of blue flames from both nostrils, leaving the walls a smidgen scorched):

The Tinks were very hungry and when finished, their mother felt compelled to decorate the remains:

Dessert? The family motto is “life is uncertain, eat dessert first!” (we’re working on the Latin translation and crest development), so naturally there was dessert. At this time in a meal, we tend to abandon any pretense of dignity and luckily, John fits right in:

It was mango crème brûlée. I’m sure you would have licked the bowl, too.

The Tinks were happy and are here shown in their natural habitat, post-prandially. We’re pretty sure this is only part babies, resting on a cushion of lemongrass chicken and various desserts.