Circle of Life

I’ve spent the past 3 days wondering how you follow a post about a terrorist attack. There is no natural segue from that.

Then I decided to follow the example of Londoners and bloody well get on with life. And what better way than….

Introducing (drumroll, please)....
My brilliant sister, Janne (who would be my favourite sister, even if she wasn’t my only sister) and my talented brother-in-law, John, who, needless to say, is my favourite brother-in-law:

who have been so brilliant and talented (and efficient) that they have created some pretty special magic. Introducing (double drumroll, please):

We call them The Tinks and already, they have brought much joy into our lives. I can’t wait to meet them, which should happen in about 6 months. I have elaborate plans to spoil and corrupt them, but hereby promise to not take them to get tattoos until they can vote.