Monday, June 13, 2005

Summer in the Big Smoke

Too busy trying to breathe to blog. There's something deeply wrong with being able to see the air.


Anonymous said...

It's not so much being able to see the air as being required to draw into my lungs something I can see (obviously I'm the only person who believed Clinton when he said he didn't inhale.)

But of course with lovely, wonderful air conditioning, oxygen returns to the air, fibers agree that sliding is more fun than sticking...Sainting's not good enough for the inventor. Maybe a constellation...(rams)

Michele said...

I repeat myself, air conditioning? What is air conditioning? Or to quote a famous line: "I'm melting....."

Only 6 months to Christmas (snow, breathable air, sleeping at night)sigh!

Cassie said...

It's very bad here too. You have my sympathy - I somehow thing heat might be worse in Canada, things being relative and all.

dawn said...

its a balmy 11 degrees and drizzle here.....again........STILL.