My European Vacation

To start things off, I got my summer clothes out of storage (helped/hindered by The Supervisor)

and then I took a trip to Europe, without leaving the city. First, I went to Greece.

Well, it was actually a fountain, but it could pass for the Aegean Sea and I was eating souvlaki.

The next stop was the Parisian Street Fair on King Street East, which turned out to be really fancy design and decor shop language for "sidewalk sale". Despite the snob-factor, we happened upon what must have been the best bargain of the event and Michele bought a beautiful old chair for the staggering sum of $5. We decided to shamelessly plagiarize Stephanie and "show the chair a good time". Here it visits a French restaurant, although "visit" might be too strong a word for something that was essentially "two grown women making spectacles of themselves on the sidewalk in front of a French restaurant":

This naturally reminded everyone - the chair included - of their rumbling stomachs and we jetted to Ireland for lunch:

where the chair made a complete pig of itself:


Carol said…
Lene, I love the whole "showing the chair a good time" theme -- especially brunch! Hope the chair continues to have a good time in life. It certainly has found a loving and caring home.
Anonymous said…
What a great way to spend an afternoon with a beautiful chair. I am so glad you brought it around Europe, it looks very content. You got a real bargain with that chair.
janine said…
What a lovely chair. I am sure that it has found a good home. I hope you enjoyed your whistle stop tour of Europe.
Michele said…
The chair is content sitting in Ajax after returning from Europe. The cat, Autumn, seems to be quite attached to the chair. Summer, the other cat, is ignoring the chair. The 2 children have yet to discover the chair as there is no tv, playstation or anything remotely technical in the surrounding area.
Wanna start a pool to see when the boys will spot the chair? I pick New Year's Eve....
stephanie said…
Sigh. What is is about showing inanimate objects a good time that's so compelling that the public humiliation doesn't matter at all?