A while back I whinged about not having an email field in my comments and someone (sorry, I've forgotten who) suggested Haloscan, for my comment section. Naturally, I promptly checked it out, saw that it involved placing HTML code into my... er... thingy (I'm sure there's a much more professional-sounding - and less kinky - name for it, but I have a migraine and have decided not to think today) and equally promptly bookmarked the page and got outta there with the speed of light. To be done later when I felt up to spending a few hours tearing my hair out, because that's what I do when I mess with the template (oh! That's what it's called!).

So given today's aforementioned vicious migraine, I naturally decided to go back to Haloscan and mess with code. I learned this from my father: if there's a choice between doing something the easy way and the hard way, make life difficult for yourself. Maybe it comes with having the attention span of a gnat. Doing things the hard way is more entertaining and the feeling of accomplishment greater.

Turns out that the wonderful people at Haloscan have developed an automatic install for Blogger. I gave them some information, clicked a few buttons and not only do I now have an email field, there's also trackback!

Oddly enough, I don't feel cheated out of my hair-pulling, sailor-swearing, hours' worth of messing with tech crap as much as one might have expected...