The Seated View 2018 Calendars Are Here! (and a Surprise)

I'm really excited about the calendars this year. Not only do I have my usual's — The Seated View calendar, the Bird calendar and of course the Ships — but I've added some new ones.

In fact, it's possible that I may have binged just a little. Can you binged with making calendars? Nevermind.

You see, as I was going through the year's photos, it became obvious that I had some great shots that didn't fit exactly in any of the ones I had.

So I expanded and that brings me to the surprise.

I am proud to present the first calendar dedicated solely to Miss Lucy! She was of the opinion that since she has her own Instagram account, she ought to have a dedicated calendar, as well.

With that face, how could I refuse?

I love photographing birds and anything floating on the water (ships, boats, kayaks, etc.), and animals also right up there. We don't have a tremendous variety in downtown Toronto, but with the recent trip to the Zoo, there were new possibilities.

And speaking of ships, things expanded to general sailing vessels this year — 2017 was all about the Tall Ships. 2018 is a bit different.

Then there are the annual cards. Here is my new silver snowflake
I'm also a recycling all the Chronic Christmas products, including mugs, a cute ornament, stamps (!) and of course the card. It's been a year since the book came out and I'm still as enamored as ever of the graphics. I mean, how couldn't you be?

All of these products and many more are available in The Seated View Shop.Why not explore?


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