Making the Most Out of Vaccines with RA

As I know first-hand, being immunosuppressed can make it a real challenge to fight back against infection and illness. Vaccines can protect you. With the arrival of flu season, this is even more important:

"As another flu season approaches, those of us who take immunosuppressant drugs for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) start getting twitchy. One of the most unnerving things about taking these types of medications is being vulnerable to infection. Experts are looking at the just-past flu season in Australia and predicting a humdinger on this side of the world. There were “more cases of influenza than ever reported, so we could have a really bad flu season this year, but it’s unpredictable. So you’ve got to be prepared for it,” says Dr. Charles Gerba, professor of microbiology and environmental sciences at the University of Arizona.

But there is no need to move into a bubble — vaccinations can help protect your health."

Read more about how to make the most out of vaccines with RA in my new article for HealthCentral.


Rick Phillips said…
Oh, I am all for the flu shot. I love not being real person sick.
Anonymous said…
I got a flu shot back in September. And I've now been sick with who-knows-what for FOUR WEEKS. So.. gotta say, getting a vaccine does not necessarily protect you from anything.
Anonymous said…
Who cares anymore?
Anonymous said…
Nothing left to care about...

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