Tips for Wheelchair Travel

I have always loved travelling, still do even though I can't do so at the moment. But when you use a wheelchair, travelling can have some extra challenges. In my new article for HealthCentral, I share tips to make wheelchair travel easier. Which includes photos from some of my travels!

"Having physical limitations does not have to prevent you from seeing the world. Whether you use a wheelchair full time or have one for backup and going for longer distances, travelling is not only possible — it’s also fun.

I’ve used a wheelchair since I was 16 years old and in it, I have visited several countries in Europe, Romania when it was under communist rule, Las Vegas and California, both coasts of Canada, and more. I’ve seen the ocean, the mountains, and the desert, been to cities and the countryside. Every trip was an adventure and I treasure the memories.

That said, once you add the extra coordinating required for mobility equipment, it can get … shall we say “interesting?” In order to have a trip that’s enjoyable and emphasizes fun, it’s a good idea to plan ahead on a number of vacation elements."

Read the rest of the article about traveling with a disability on HealthCentral.


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