Four Ways to Cope with Fibromyalgia Pain

In my July post for Mango Health, I wrote about four ways to cope with fibromyalgia pain:

"I lived with the pain of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) for almost 40 years before I experienced fibromyalgia. Having had RA since I was a child, I’d created a variety of coping mechanisms to deal with pain. I was no stranger to pain, and even considered myself a bit of a chronic pain expert.

When I started experiencing fibromyalgia, all of this went out the window.

Although I’d known high pain levels for most of my life, it wasn’t until I got fibro that I began saying that pain was loud. This new pain was much like a fire alarm going off right next to my ear. Even the slightest pressure felt like pain. Once when the strap of my purse got caught between my leg and the armrest on my wheelchair, it felt as if I were being stabbed with a knife."

You can read the rest of my posts on how to cope with Fibro pain on the Mango Health blog.


William Connors said…
I’m thrilled to read the rest of your posts. Your blog on 4 Ways to Cope with Pain, however, was very informative and exactly what I have been looking all over the Internet for. My wife has fibromyalgia and I’m trying to find ways to help her with the pain as I hate to see her so upset and in pain.

William Connors @ The Healing Station