What You Need to Know about Zika, Chickungunya, and Dengue

I'm back at work after a month off and so far, it's going pretty well. My first HealthCentral post in August is a slideshow on several mosquito-borne viruses that can cause joint pain


"In the past few years, mosquito-borne viruses that have been linked to joint pain have become more prevalent. Chikungunya was the first to hit the headlines, then Zika. In the past, these sorts of illnesses primarily affected individuals in their areas of origin, e.g., Africa, Asia, South Asia. But international travel means that mosquito-borne infections can now spread around the world quite very quickly."

You can see the rest of the slideshow about Zika, Chickungunya, and Dengue on HealthCentral. 


Rick said…
Here is what I know. I hate being bitten by those SOB's, any of them. I hate the bloodsuckers. Oooh gosh, I am itching already just looking at those things.