Photo Friday: The Photos That Are in My Mind

I love my camera. It is a really excellent compact camera (a.k.a. point-and-shoot), with a killer zoom. The latter is really important when you can’t always get close to what you’re photographing.

Nonetheless, I have been drooling at The Boy’s camera for the past two years. It’s a Sony Alpha, and it’s as close at DSLR as I can get and still lift/operate it (with some of the lenses, not all). But it didn’t belong to me, so I only borrowed it occasionally. (click photos to embiggen)

Every time we’ve gone out on one of our adventures, carting our own cameras, we’ll spend some time looking at each other’s photos afterwards, grumbling about how we hate the other person. Me because of the things that camera can do. Him for the exact same reason (aforementioned zoom).

For a while now, my beloved has been talking about upgrading, telling me that I’d get his camera when he did. I’ve tried to be relatively restrained about asking when he was going to upgrade — dignity is important, isn’t it?

And then last week, it happened. And I am now the very happy owner of a Sony Alpha. It’s a bit too heavy for me to lift, but I do it anyway. Have been wrecked repeatedly as a result, but it’s worth it!

What makes it different from my camera is the quality of the images. It has a much better lens and the result is photos with a lush softness, yet as crisp as a newly starched shirt.

It also helps me do nifty things with macro shots (I luuurve me some macro photography), shallow depth of field (oh, yum), and bokeh (haven’t begun to bokeh!). And what it does, more so than any other camera I've ever owned, is take the photographs that are in my mind. And that connection, the flow between what I envision in my mind and what actually shows up is a pretty spectacular feeling.

Which is not to say that I have disowned my old camera. It still has a better zoom and I can use it longer without getting wrecked.

If you see a woman in a wheelchair juggling two cameras, that’d be me!


Rick said…
I am a sucker for Black and white photography so of course my favorite the building reflection. These pictures are just fantastic.

Anonymous said…
Beautiful... and intriguing! What is the second picture? At first glance I thought water cascading over interesting rocks. But Then I thought, the rocks look like particle board. But that isn't it either, since the white plastic tie gives scale.

Help me out, here, please!

Lene Andersen said…
Julia - glad to hear this messed with your brain! :) It's a sandwich board announcing an open house.
Anonymous said…
Yes, it did. Thanks for letting me know what it really is.