How to Find Work-Life Balance with Chronic Illness

How very apropos! I am taking a leave of undetermined time from my job at HealthCentral to allow my body to recover fully before I do the work thing. And this is when my new post for Mango Health on the work-life balance with chronic illness was published:

"It’s only been two months since I was discharged from the hospital after what I call a “medical adventure,” which included a lengthy stay in the ICU. Recovery is taking a long time, and although my energy levels are much better than they were, I still run out of steam fairly quickly. Any energy I have goes toward work in order to pay the bills. Suffice to say, that elusive concept of work-life balance is even harder for me these days.

Balance, SchmalanceBalance isn’t just about meeting your obligations at work and with your loved ones. It’s also about creating a life that makes you happy. If you’re lucky enough to have a job you love (I do!), it can fill up the need for happiness for a long time.
And then something happens that knocks you on your butt and makes you realize that work isn’t everything. For me, it was that medical adventure. It made me see how lopsided my life had become, with work supplanting time with people and activities I love."

You can read the rest on the Mango Health blog.


Rick said…
I agree. For me, work is the best thing. For Sheryl work is well work. To each their own. No one answer is the one for all.

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