#ChronicChristmas Day 22: Good Enough

There are only a few days left to finish it all — how much is left on your list? Unless you are one of those incredibly organized people who have every bow tied, and every piece of tinsel polished before Labor Day, chances are you are near hysterics by now.

So I’m going to suggest that you let go of the belief that you will finish it all. It’s not going to happen. There simply isn’t enough time. I can hear you arguing with me out there, but you know. Deep inside you, you know it’s over.

So face the fact that you won’t get it all done. Surrender to it. Instead, embrace that wonderful state of relaxation called Good Enough. The handmade table decoration isn’t done? Grab a clear bowl, and throw some coordinated Christmas decorations into it atop a bunch of tinsel. Did you plan to make a yulelog, but all of you is aching? You can find all sorts of elaborate and delicious desserts in every grocery store out there. 

Embracing Good Enough enables you to slow down and enjoy the last few days before the busy holidays. It creates time when you can enjoy some mulled wine or eggnog (store-bought, natch!) in front of the fire. Or better yet, in front of that channel on the TV with the fireplace (less work). Good Enough give you time to play a board (or video) game with your kids, time to watch It's a Wonderful Life, time to let the stress slowly seep out of your body.

So relax. Take a breath. Wherever you are right now is good enough.

If you stopped right now, how would it feel?

#ChronicChristmas is an Advent calendar of tips for a sane holiday season with a chronic illness. Check back tomorrow for the next tip. To see all the posts in the series, click the #ChronicChristmas label below this post.


cathy kramer said…
I'm lucky because long before RA came into my life, I decided to keep Christmas simple. Memories of my mom on Christmas are of her totally exhausted from shopping, making more food than we could ever consume, and staying up all night making everything "perfect". Shopping and wrapping for me are completed early and we keep our dinner menu very simple. Plus, the kids have always helped which means happy memories while preparing the food. My main goal is to have Christmas Eve and Christmas as the two days I enjoy my family. That's "good enough".

Thanks for this great series. I hope you'll post it again next year.