Show Us Your Hands!: New Year, New Site, New Book!

Last week, I mentioned having been immersed in Something Special as a reason for having been rather absent lately. Today, I am proud and very excited to share that Something Special with you: the new website and photo book for Show Us Your Hands!:

"To celebrate our third anniversary, Show Us Your Hands! is proud to present our new website at and the new, revised edition of the Our Hands Can photo book, now available on Amazon. These represent a new direction for the organization, one that respects our history while branching out onto an exciting path to unite the inflammatory arthritis community and raise awareness about these serious diseases."

You can read more about our new path, check out the beautiful brand-new Show Us Your Hands! website.


Congratulations on your breakthrough! Putting up a new site and revising a book means big improvements for your career. I was able to take a look at your website, and I’m amazed by it. Thanks for sharing this with us, Lene. More power to you!

Nathanial Thorton @ VDB Ventures

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