Live Bold Live Now Update

Almost exactly a year ago, HealthCentral released a series of immersive multimedia stories, featuring people living with different conditions. The rheumatoid arthritis story "starred" me.

This week, I'm proud to present the update to the Live Bold Live Now story, featuring myself and my buddy Brad Carlson talking about how we've created a life with RA. 

The last year has seen many changes for me, chief among them discovering that I keep getting better at  a level I never imagined would happen, having the ability to travel farther than I have in the last 10 years. Another wonderful addition to my life is working with Show Us Your Hands! and the exciting new direction we've launched earlier this week.

To watch the update, hop on over to the Live Bold Live Now RA page on HealthCentral. I'm really pleased with it and hope you'll like it, too.



Kitty ward said…
I loved watching your video. Saw you other one too!!! Thank you for sharing Lene