Happy 8th Birthday, Tinks!

It started like this 8 years ago

A couple of weeks ago, we gathered the clan together to celebrate the Tinks' 8th birthday a little early. The stars of the day hung out with friends and family. I caught Liam in a rare quiet moment

while Morgan explained something to someone. As a true Andersen woman, she has a lot to say. Of course, so does Liam. It's a family trait.

Mormor listened patiently

Scott was hanging in the corner with the cool people

Caught Raff in conversation

Aryka and Auntie Janne had a good time together

while Lana opened an impromptu hair salon

And speaking of Aryka: the torch has been passed! The kids love to ride on the back of my wheelchair. It's been a pretend train, fire truck and monster chasing another child around the room. The Tinks are verging on being too heavy for it to work well, which is a normal part of them growing up, but still saddens me. The good news is that they are more kids in the family! Aryka had her first ride and was just as thrilled as any other kid who's tried it

And then Ken proved that you never really get too old to go for a ride...

 Photo by Janne/TinkMama

While the Tinks opened presents, Janne lurked in a tissue paper blind to catch the right shot

Happy Tinks. And the rest of us were happy, too.

Happy birthday, my lovies! Having you in my life gives me joy every day.


Displaced said…
Lovely blog! Nice to see such happy family time being shared.