Juvenile Arthritis Awareness with Dr. Oz

Something pretty exciting has happened....

"RAHealthCentral is thrilled to announce a new positive way of raising awareness about juvenile arthritis!

We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with The Dr. Oz Show to bring information about juvenile arthritis to his viewers, which number in the millions. An article written by yours truly has been posted on The Dr. Oz Show website! It covers information about juvenile arthritis and what it means for the children and families affected by this disease."

You can read the rest here.

We're also hoping to get the community involved in raising awareness about JA. If you're the parent of a child with juvenile arthritis or have juvenile arthritis yourself, we ask that you hop on over to the Dr. Oz website and tell your story in the comment section on my article. Personally, I hope that by many people posting compelling stories in a positive way, we can demonstrate to the show that there's a good reason to do an episode on JA.

Please help spread the word.


Marietta said…
Too bad the Dr. Oz site makes you log in with Facebook to leave a comment, I could have left a great comment there. Sigh.
Thanks again for your advocacy Lene.
Cathy said…
Congrats Lene.

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