Fishing for Cats

I'm always on the lookout for cool toys for Lucy. Partly because she spoiled and partly because she's pudgy. Toys will make her move. At least theoretically – it's been a while since there's been one she's excited about and to be honest, she'd become a bit of a lump.

And then I discovered Neko Flies.

The beginner kit is a very sturdy stick and a "bug" on a – again very sturdy — string. It attaches with a lobster clasp to a ring on the stick and you can get different bugs separately for variety. I bought the Kattipede. The Boy was with me and asked if I were sure that this was a toy worth $17. I said it was worth a shot. And boy, has it proven to be worth $17!

Lucy has excellent hunting instincts and has been known to hunt, kill and eat an errant fly within a few minutes. This toy activates her hunting instinct, her desire to run and her curiosity. She loves it. To the point that she'll sit expectantly next to my hallway dresser where the magic toy lives, asking to play. A lot. I'm getting some exercise from this, too.

The first time she saw the Kattipede, she was a little weirded out (all photos by The Boy)

Not quite sure if she should touch it

And then the chasing started

She very much likes incorporating the box when chasing the bug

The Kattipede has a lot of very twitchy legs that are endlessly fascinating


Lucy is very fond of picking up the bug and carrying it to her mat, where it gets chewed and disemboweled.


it's been a couple of months since I bought this toy. Not only is she still as fascinated as she was at the beginning, but the bug shows no sign of the abuse it gets. It's fantastic quality.

Best new toy ever!




Wren said…
Such cute photos! Another toy you might try is a laser pointer. I bought one for our three cats and they are endlessly fascinated and chase that little point of light as ferociously as they would a live mouse, even though they never, ever "catch" it. Mom's cat Kitty sits in front of the little parsons table where the light-pen lives, and when I'm sitting in the chair next to it, staaaaaaares at me, waiting for "the light." It's hilarious. I like the laser pointer because the light isn't connected to a string and can go anywhere. It's a wonderful toy for cats--and people, I must admit!
Awesome! Anything that gets the cats moving is a winner in my book. For a while we've been using a toy from the dollar store of all places, on a plastic stick with the requisite string (it's kind of stretchy) and a length of fluff (possibly rabbit). My cats adore it. We're on a second one now because the plastic stick broke. Surprisingly, the fluff lives on, waiting for the next attack!
AlisonH said…
Love it! And that last picture is priceless: I am totally rocking this thing. See how well it matches my eyes?
Anonymous said…
thanks for share.