Using Technology to Improve Your Quality of Life: Apps for Arthritis and Chronic Pain

My last post for HealthCentral's Pain Awareness Month is about two new apps for people with chronic pain and arthritis. Very cool!

"One of the most frustrating aspects of living with RA and chronic pain is the unpredictable nature of these conditions. Keeping track of your symptoms, activities, triggers and treatment can help you identify patterns. Knowing what makes your symptoms worse or better is important when you live with a chronic condition. I often recommend to our users that they keep a symptom diary to identify patterns between activity and symptoms, but the traditional paper and pen approach can be a bit of a hassle. Recently, two apps have been released that aim to help you easily track what's going on in your body as it happens throughout the day."

You can read more about The Arthritis Foundation's Track+React and WebMD's Pain Coach here.


Janet said…
the web md pain coach looked good.... but then I noticed it's only available for apple right now. Sigh.

Still on the search for an android app!