Painless Meme for Rheum mates


Kelly over at RA Warrior came up with a meme about what defines us. Have you done it yet?

Here are my answers:

What is one thing that defines who you are, regardless of RA? My faith that change is possible.

What’s one food you know they must have in heaven? Ris a la mande. Danish Christmas dessert.

Name a song that takes you to a happy place? Ode to Joy.

What’s your favorite city and why? Toronto. Multicultural, considerate, has everything you want, including nature in the middle of the city.

Name 1 thing that you have learned by living with Rheumatoid disease? Resilience.

What medication has helped you the most with RA symptoms? The least? Most: Biologics - my personal miracle. Least - everything else.

What do you most wish health care professionals understood about RA? That it affects all of your life, not just your body.

What is something about you that would probably surprise most people? That I'm a sap.

What is something about you that would probably surprise most people about your RA? That if given the chance to do everything over again, I wouldn't change a thing.

What is something that you want to be remembered for? Being a good friend.


kitten said…
That "sap" thing surprises no one. ;)
Anonymous said…
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