Going to Gondwana

This weekend, we went to see the Ultimate Dinosaurs: Giants from Gondwana exhibition at the Royal Ontario Museum. Basic story: big dinosaurs from the southern hemisphere. Really big. We did a herd excursion - somewhat fitting, what with the herds of extinct creatures - piling friends and kids into one group and got set loose at the ROM. And much fun was had.

The biggest dinosaur is in the lobby because there isn't room for 110 feet of bones in the special exhibit hall. It was big

To get a better sense of just how big, let's use a six-year-old girl for scale

Liam was very excited

Cleverly, there was a movie of what Gondwana might have looked like as we waited to get in

And it was pretty great once you got there. The skeletons were arranged in a wonderfully lifelike way - this little guy was being chased, about to be dinner. Amazing sense of motion

This one was on its way somewhere. Thankfully, it paused until I could get past

and then mosied on

I'd like to see how they got this bone away from the dog that was gnawing on it. And wonder how big the dog way

Lots of interactive stuff for the kids. Morgan found a microscope and it blew her mind

And the piece de resistance: the gigantosaurus. Apparently the biggest predator to ever walk the earth. Bit intimidating

Thanks to the augmented reality used in the exhibition (and Carson's iPhone), I got to get up close and personal to one of the beasties

 But these two were my favourite wee beasties



Gaina said…
That looks like a great day out. I am planning to take myself off to the Natural History Museum in Oxford when I get my new car.
We are taking the kidlets to this exhibit in a couple of weeks. So excited!
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