How do you describe perfection? Well, there's the smile of my face that's been around since Saturday. It was the start of my and The Boy's anniversary weekend and we started at Cavalia.

What's Cavalia? It's heaven on earth, especially if you're fond of horses. Which I am. I saw the original show (twice) several years ago and remember it as breathtaking, transporting, mesmerizing and in general the best show I've ever seen. Naturally, I've been checking their website regularly to see when they'd next be coming to Toronto. Last week was the premiere of their new show Odysseo (review with video here). And when we saw that now was the time, we immediately got tickets.


The show was amazing! Mindblowing,mesmerizing, transporting, took you into another world. We were as close to the "stage" as you could get and the only way I could've been happier was if I'd been part of the show. Afterwards, we stood around for a while and with others in the audience, got the chance to talk to one of the performers (his person did most of the talking)

The reason we were standing around was that we'd gotten the kinds of tickets that included a tour of the stables. Let me add a few of these !!!!!!!!!!! because that's how I felt. David said the reason the following photo is a little blurry is because I was vibrating with happiness. I could say it was because no flash photography was allowed in the stables, but who are we kidding? I was vibrating. Mor was, too (part of her seen behind me and just as excited)

Photo by David

Signs of the residents got us even more excited


Walking by the tack room and inhaling the scent of leather... wonderful! Imagine that blended with the scent of horses, one of my top three favourite smells (along with ocean and freshly cut grass). The sounds of the stables were the perfect accompaniment, sounds of soft whickering and blows making it feel like home

Very frustratingly, the stalls had very high walls and all I saw was ears. Until a wonderful staff member opened a door and I met this guy


 Also said hi to this curious fella

This one named Chief might have been my favourite. Got nice and close (wanted to get closer, but we weren't allowed to touch)

 Photo by David

What a gentle soul

Wonderful night and just as the first two times I visited this world, I left a little of my heart in the tents. I'd happily pay money to be allowed to muck out the stables, if only I could travel with them...

Photo by David

If you have a chance, get tickets.


Diane said…
I agree with you...nothing quite like the smell of horse, stables & leather!

Remember, if you ever find yourself on this side of the pond, we will be happy to take you to all kinds of horse-centric locations!
Diane said…
Although I must admit, mending my "grand horse's jammies" is not one of my favorite activities. I think I'll just take the sewing machine outside. At least Meg washed them first this time!
LynnM said…
I loved your post--and Diane's comments!

My local horses and donkeys are still here for the moment.
Wren said…
Oh, oh, ohhhh Lene! How I would love to see that show and those horses! I read your post about the one you went to a couple of years ago and visited the Cavalia (?) website. Unfortunately, they aren't coming out this way anytime soon, but I continue to hope.

I'm so happy for you that you got to see them again and visit "backstage." What a glorious way to celebrate your anniversary with The Boy and celebrate life itself at the same time. I'm wearing such a big smile for you!
abcsofra said…
Your happy and enthralled face is what I truly enjoyed. I like horses but I can tell you LOVE them :-) So happy for you and that you could get close up to them.
Kate said…
I love your description of vibrating with happiness - it's so true. That's why all the pictures of me near water are blurred, nothing to do with my husband's photography. He will be mighty relieved ;) Glad you had a wonderful time
Lene Andersen said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kia said…
Hello Lene, I'm dying with envy as I have been in love with horses all my life (I have the wrecked knee to prove it!). I found an article you might like on Canada and Cavalia - if you haven't already read it. It's in Equine Canada Magazine. Here's the link, but my experience with links like this one - so long and with the is that they don't work well. Here goes:

Hope it works. Googling equine Canada magazine didn't lead me to the same place.

Kia said…
Minor correctionm- Googling equine Canada magazine does lead to the article, if you press the online function and turn a couple of pages of the may. Hope you enjoy it. I am seriously considering going, if my weekend trip out of town this weekend goes well. $230.00 for tickets - ouch - but I'd have to go to the stables.

AlisonH said…
Oh how cool. What a lovely, lovely day you had!
GirlWithTheCane said…
How wonderful, Lene!

I had no idea that show was in looks like you had a fabulous time!!
Anonymous said…
Love your post. Awesome photos. I am like you, I love thesmell of leather and of horses. They are such majestic creatures. I am so glad that you had such a wonderful time. Yeah! :)

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