A Conversation with My Mother

Me: I couldn't sleep last night because I have this great idea!
Mor: uh-oh...
Me: Why do people make that noise every time I say I have a great idea??
Mor: Because it usually means your workload explodes.
Me: No, no! This one shouldn't take too much work!
Mor: uh-huh.
Me: why do people make that noise every time I say that?

Seriously. Should be a snap!
(PS Happy birthday to mor who turned mumblemumble yesterday!)


AlisonH said…
Happy Birthday, Mor!

...Too funny, Lene!
abcsofra said…
Happy Birthday Mor!
mor said…
Thank you for the birthday wishes.
Lene has got great ideas but she's only one person. She should have been cloned at birth, but I did not think far enough ahead. So I just need to put the brakes on her once in a while.
Diane said…
Happy Birthday, Mor!

I, too, didn't think ahead enough, although I think being outnumbered by my daughter and her clone is a very frightening scenario.

Lene, don't try this: Full time job, her own house, 4 dogs, a horse, income tax prep for me (and I don't know how many others, all due April 15th) and getting ready for a two day horse show that starts Friday morning.
Cathy said…
My husband says something similar, "Hey, I was thinking..." I always respond the same way.
Janne/Tinkmama said…
John says the same to me. So, what was your great idea?
Diane said…
Now just what was that great idea?
fridawrites said…
Happy birthday, Mor! Such a great name for a mama.