Tinks at the ROM

This weekend, we took the Tinks to the Royal Ontario Museum so they could see dinosaurs - 'scuse me, DINOSAURS! - for the first time.

Liam quickly found one and posed happily

We'd rented a wheelchair for Mormor (Danish for Grandma) so she could enjoy the day instead of walking miles. I think the kids enjoy having adults down at their level. 

We spent lots of time looking at information screens

and comparing it to the skeletons. Watching the kids react, each in their different way was a treat. During the first hour or so, Morgan had the Face of Wonder pretty permanently, took her time to absorb one thing, then move on to another. During the same time, Liam... well. He pinballed. It's the only way to describe it. He was so excited, he bounced from one thing to another with the speed of light. It's why I have no photos of him from that first hour - well, none that aren't a blur of movement, that is. After he'd gone through the Bat Cave (twice), he simmered down a little.

After seeing skeletons of dinosaurs, we went to dig some up. There's an area at the ROM with sandpits in kid height. The kids get goggles and brushes and try to be archaeologists.

Morgan might have a future in this - she didn't want to leave.

We then visited the Natural History area and Liam was completely unfazed by this resident. I, on the other hand, had no idea king cobras were that big!

 This day was a gift and a joy. Watching the wonder in the kids' gave us all a sense of wonder, too.