A Whispered Thank You

I'm a lucky woman. Thanks to you, my post Sensitive to the D-Word won second place in the Best Blog Post category of the 2011 Canadian Blog Awards. Because of you, more people now know about disability discrimination. Thank you.

And why the whispering?

This is how determined your body can be to make you sit still: Woke up Monday with a screaming back that didn't want me to move. Despite claiming I'd listen, I didn't – big surprise - and worked anyway. By Wednesday, my body was so disgusted with me that it upped the ante and gave me laryngitis. Since I can't write much without using Dragon Naturally Speaking to write, this meant working wasn't possible. I sort of did anyway (tip: don't type if you normally have to use Dragon. Or so my shoulders told me yesterday). Saw my doctor for my Humira shot and discussed the voice thing. She told me to stop talking until it no longer hurts to do so. Exactly how I'm supposed to know that it no longer hurts when I'm not allowed to talk was unclear.

No talking?? Cruel, cruel fate...