I'm plotting a certain something related to The Book. Something that requires proper photographs as opposed to snapshots, so I sent out an email to the talented Raff, a friend of my sister's, who has her own production company. Did she know a photographer? Did she ever. She put me in touch with the equally talented and lovely Sophie Kinachtchouk - take a minute to do drool at her work. She also does amazing wedding photography. I cannot say enough good things about Sophie - she's easy to work with and if you're at all self-conscious in front of a camera, she makes you relax and have fun in no time.

These are a few of the great shots she took. 

We decided to wander out and about in the neighbourhood to find fun places to shoot - it was a lovely day. Halfway to the corner, I realized my funky new glasses are Transition lenses.So we pretended I was wearing contacts again. I have only very fuzzy mental images of Sophie pointing a camera in my direction.



Thank you, Sophie! I had a blast and love the shots!