The Tinks Turn 6

Yes, they do. Today, in fact. I don't know how they went from this to who they are today, but I'm enhjoying every minute!

We had a wonderful party for them a couple of weeks ago. Herewith a few pics for the day.

I was in charge of distracting the wee monsters while everyone else were preparing the room. This naturally meant that they took turns riding on the back of my wheelchair while I chased the other one around the room(apparently with a maniacal expression on my face)

 Photo by David

I had no idea that Morgan Monkey Girl rode this way until I saw the picture

Photo by David
When that started getting a little old, we gave them their present: two pairs of wings. And then I chased them around the room while they pretended to fly. Throughout the day, several adults also tried out the wings. Okay, so almost everybody tried the wings and wished that taking in adult sizes.

Liam was sure that his were owl's wings and spend a significant amount of time communicating in owl, saying "hoo" to everything.

There was cake and games and piggyback rides


feats of strength, impromptu shoulder massages and great conversation. An absolutely perfect day.

 Happy 6th birthday, my lovies! 
Photo by David